Weekend Workshop

Masculine and Feminine Polarity Weekend Workshop

We all have an inner Masculine and an inner Feminine, and this has nothing do with gender.

Both our Masculine and Feminine have mature and immature expressions: as well as heathy and unhealthy, shadow, and integrated ones. In this weekend introduction we will explore these expressions through our three main bodies, learning how to use both polarity and duality for our own evolution. 

Mental body:

Working with the four maps to understand our relationship to different polarities and how we can move from unconscious reactive behaviour into conscious proactive behaviour.

Identifying where we are on the maps, what triggers us, and exploring our relationships

  • with ourselves
  • with our parents and children (the archetypal Mother, Father and Child)
  • with our friends, and colleagues
  • in our partnerships

Developing clear intentions for how our lives will change, and knowing that we will have learned a simple and effective framework for navigating polarity. One that we can always fall back on if unconscious reactive behaviours return.

Once learnt, all we needed to practice is one map, the size of an A4 piece of paper.

Emotional body:

Through breathing techniques we learn how to access the emotional body.

Including emotional information into our day-to-day life means we make better integrated decisions, have clearer access to our intuition, and don’t store new negative energies and traumas in the body. We will also learn how to feel our emotions more clearly and use them to raise our vibration.

Physical body:

Learning how to use the Masculine and Feminine energetic pathways in our bodies and simple techniques to release traumas and emotional/mental patterns. 

Exploring different ways to breathe that allow conscious awareness to move between the physical, emotional, and mental bodies. Each body gives us access to different information and intelligences that can enrich our lives.

The physical body is accessed through a set of simple exercises that allows energy to move through us: relaxing the nervous system, releasing old energy, heightening our vibration, and improving our wellbeing.

Workshop is in English.
Maximum of 12 participants.
Light refreshments provided.
Total cost of weekend is CHF380

Upcoming dates and locations

Zürich, Switzerland

Silentpower, Altstetterstrasse 121 ,8048

Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th February M&F Polarity weekend workshop

Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th June M&F Polarity weekend workshop

Saturday 30th November and Sunday 1st December M&F Polarity weekend workshop

For information and to book your place:
Yvonne Waldraff, Zürich, info@silentpower.org

Workshop is in English.
Maximum of 12 participants
Light refreshments provided
Total cost of weekend is CHF380

Freiburg, Germany.


Dates To Be Confirmed. Email for details.

London, England.

Dates and Location To Be Confirmed. Email for details.

To read testimonials from Elliott's private practice visit https://elliottsaxby.com/testimonials

thank you for the nice workshop and session 🙂 I feel that it has changed somethings in my life.

It helped a lot to understand and let go of things in the past, and to see things from a new perspective. I felt some emotions that I haven’t felt for a long time. Its amazing to the experience the effects energy can have on the body... so much more than just talking about or analysing certain problems. Warm regards

Katharina Freiburg, Germany

Hi Elliott,

thank you very much for giving us this wonderful experience.

Hanna Freiburg, Germany

I can only recommend the work of @Elliott - amazing work!

Sveva Zürich, Switzerland

Hello Elliott, I want to thank you again for the workshop. It really meant a lot to me. I needed to learn how to release the energy because it has been building up inside me and is so intense that it can actually hurt. When you were introducing the topics of energy I related to everything you said, so it was great to hear how much of what I experienced is true for others. Thanks again, and all the best,

Sheena Germany

I want to thank you so much for this amazing workshop. Me and my body felt very safe with your work . You and the group created an open space for more possibilities and healing. My body liked the breathing and shaking, touching and very important the connecting to the earth. Afterwards I felt relaxed and open, really recognising my connection and energy in my lower half. My stomach was very relaxed.

Petra Germany

I’ve already had 4 sessions with Elliott and visited one of his workshop. Every single session felt a bit life-changing. Before I met Elliott, I knew, that there was still a lot of trauma and pain deep inside me. I wished to let it go but had no idea how, and I had no idea of how light and vibrant the body would feel without all the old stuff, or how much energy this letting go would create in my life! After releasing emotions and trauma in session one and two, the third session was one of the most pleasureful energetical things I have experienced. I have no words for that what it was 🙂 But this strong feminine power energy carried me over several weeks and let me glow 🙂 The fourth session was a kind of detoxing. Elliott uncovered a point that I was holding on so tight, I did not dare to show, did not dare to come to the surface… But it came. And over days my body started a real detox. It is amazing how professional Elliott can handle and transform all these emotions and energies that the clients set free. Elliott, I thank you so much that you share your biggest gift with us.

Nancy Switzerland

Hi Elliott, thank you for this great workshop. I look forward to working with you privately

Agnes Freiburg, Germany

To read testimonials from Elliott's private practice visit https://elliottsaxby.com/testimonials

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