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Natural happiness

Eight evening sessions over approximately ten weeks

Masculine and Feminine Polarity work is a self development tool that teaches us how to better work with polarity in our life.

Learning more about how emotions and thoughts get trapped in our body. We also learn to release them and other traumas.

Through various practices we find alignment between our physical, mental and emotional bodies, returning us to natural balance. To natural happiness.

This 10 week course includes

Eight three hour evening sessions in a small group - maximum 12 participants:

1. Creating intention

2. Working with the breath and the body (part 1) 

3. Masculine and Feminine dialogue and integration work

4. Breathwork journey

5. Shadow work

6. Parental work

7. Working with the breath and the body (part 2)

8. Working with energy. Next steps and integration.

This course is suitable for a range of people. From beginners in self-development work to seasoned practitioners. People coming off medication or those who would just like to improve their relationship with themselves. We will learn about emotions and how to use them to raise our vibration. How to judge less and experience more.

For people coming off medication or lowering anti-depressants it's important to do it in communication a doctor. No medical advice or support is given in these workshops. 

If we take medication for one illness it is often needed at the time, but the medication in itself changes our brain chemistry and can create a second illness or addiction.

Once we cure our original problem, for example: depression. When we come off the medication we may feel depressed again and go back on it. But often it is not our psychology or natural brain chemistry that is the problem. But the medication itself and the mental patterns we have created while being on it. 

By learning how to energise and stimulate our own glands with simple breathing practices and clear intentions we can rebalance our own brain chemistry.

We can also use these same breathing, energy and body practices to help us take trauma out of the body. Trauma that often creates the emotional imbalances that lead to the psychological illnesses and depression in the first place.

The workshop and all communication is in English. Basic English is needed with informal translation of larger words and concepts encouraged in the group.

It is best to commit to and attend all 8 sessions, but if for unforeseen circumstances you do miss a session you will be emailed and invited to come slightly earlier to the next session to catch up.


Elliott Saxby is a therapist and bodyworker who teaches us how to work with the energetic imbalances in our bodies and how to release trauma.

He qualified as a holistic massage therapist in 2012 and has been developing his own unique approach to body, breath and energy work since then. He gives private sessions in Zürich and runs various workshops throughout the year. He has an amazing track record in helping numerous men and women find more peace and happiness within themselves. Please read the testimonial on his website for details www.elliottsaxby.com/testimonials

The course is CHF480

Next set of dates 2019:
Zürich, Silentpower, Altstetterstrasse 121, 8048

1..May 27th
2. June 3rd
3. June 10th
4. June 24th
5. July 1st
6. July 15th
7. July 22nd
8. July 29th

to book please email:

Zürich, Switzerland

Silentpower, Altstetterstrasse 121 ,8048

To read testimonials from Elliott's private practice visit https://elliottsaxby.com/testimonials

thank you for the nice workshop and session 🙂 I feel that it has changed somethings in my life.

It helped a lot to understand and let go of things in the past, and to see things from a new perspective. I felt some emotions that I haven’t felt for a long time. Its amazing to the experience the effects energy can have on the body... so much more than just talking about or analysing certain problems. Warm regards

Freiburg, Germany

Hi Elliott,

thank you very much for giving us this wonderful experience.

Freiburg, Germany

I can only recommend the work of @Elliott - amazing work!

Zürich, Switzerland

Hello Elliott, I want to thank you again for the workshop. It really meant a lot to me. I needed to learn how to release the energy because it has been building up inside me and is so intense that it can actually hurt. When you were introducing the topics of energy I related to everything you said, so it was great to hear how much of what I experienced is true for others. Thanks again, and all the best,


I want to thank you so much for this amazing workshop. Me and my body felt very safe with your work . You and the group created an open space for more possibilities and healing. My body liked the breathing and shaking, touching and very important the connecting to the earth. Afterwards I felt relaxed and open, really recognising my connection and energy in my lower half. My stomach was very relaxed.


I’ve already had 4 sessions with Elliott and visited one of his workshop. Every single session felt a bit life-changing. Before I met Elliott, I knew, that there was still a lot of trauma and pain deep inside me. I wished to let it go but had no idea how, and I had no idea of how light and vibrant the body would feel without all the old stuff, or how much energy this letting go would create in my life! After releasing emotions and trauma in session one and two, the third session was one of the most pleasureful energetical things I have experienced. I have no words for that what it was 🙂 But this strong feminine power energy carried me over several weeks and let me glow 🙂 The fourth session was a kind of detoxing. Elliott uncovered a point that I was holding on so tight, I did not dare to show, did not dare to come to the surface… But it came. And over days my body started a real detox. It is amazing how professional Elliott can handle and transform all these emotions and energies that the clients set free. Elliott, I thank you so much that you share your biggest gift with us.


Hi Elliott, thank you for this great workshop. I look forward to working with you privately

Freiburg, Germany

To read testimonials from Elliott's private practice visit https://elliottsaxby.com/testimonials

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