Masculine and Feminine Polarity Work is inspired by many sources from the present day and stretching back 1000’s of years into the Vedas (Sacred Knowledge) and Advaita teachings (Non-dualism). The framework applies their teachings into modern day life.

If you find the terms Masculine and Feminine triggering, then you can replace them with Yin and Yang. 

Related teachings can be found in the works of Carl Jung (western psychology), Osho (eastern yogic principles), and many modern day schools with a focus on the recognition and integration of the inner Masculine and Feminine.

Polarity work takes us back to basics, giving simple and profound methods for working with the universal laws of polarity, duality, oneness, and the laws of attraction and vibration.

What non-dual teachers offer is very valuable, but this work teaches us how to live in duality; how to work with the basic building blocks of life to evolve the self and the whole.

The framework can be used with different polarities, not just Masculine and Feminine, but it’s best to start here. Applying it to self-development, then the development of others in areas such as healthcare, coaching, employee management, and into organisational and strategy development.

It includes simple practices and exercises for our three main bodies:

  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Physical

The aim of Masculine and Feminine Polarity Work is to see the polarity framework and physical exercises become common practice in:

- Healthcare systems to support people coming off medication

- Schools and universities, furthering how gender education is taught

- Prison rehabilitation programs, teaching both men and women to release unresolved traumas stored in their bodies that contribute to reoffending and an inability to forgive

- Guiding strategies for companies, organisations, and governments to create a balanced Masculine and Feminine leadership dynamic

The framework fits almost every aspect of life and can be used with most polarities beyond Masculine and Feminine.

The framework, the training and the book do not give us answers or tell us how to live our lives. They help us take a fresh look into issues from raising children, to sexuality, gender, shadow work, love, relationships, how we heal ourselves, and how we help others. It supports us to find our own answers, the unique ones to us and who we are.

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