Masculine and Feminine Polarity Work

A guide to navigate polarity, duality, and your own evolution

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The four maps in the book outline how to move between our Masculine and Feminine polarities, to help evolve ourselves and others. 

Leave them on your coffee table at home and at your work place, ready to resolve your next argument or ‘unhealthy/immature’ reactions from your mature self.

If you only print one, make sure it is ‘The Masculine and Feminine Mirror’, as this contains all of the information in it when you know how to read it. 

Use them in self-development, in your romantic relationships, your partnerships, with children, your friends and your colleagues. Use them to manage a business and manage your staff.  In private coaching, healthcare, and therapy sessions. Even use them in groups you lead and your own workshops.  Every time you notice an immature expression in yourself, come back to these maps and see what lessons you can learn through understanding the polarity and duality of the situation. 

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Eventually we'd like to see Masculine and Feminine Polarity Work trainings in all areas of society, from healthcare to schools and prison rehabilitation programs. 

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